400 & 404 Jefferson St. Burlington, Iowa

18 True Radius Top Single Hungs with Tru-divided lite
– 15 (Variation 6) Type Single Hungs with Half-Round Top Sash
– 33 Various Type windows that included a very large window for 404 Jefferson that measured 57″ x 120″. (It is the center window on the second floor.)

The Owner of 400/404 Jefferson is restoring this building using Historical Tax Credits and called on Adams Architectural to ensure the windows were approved by SHPO (State Historical Preservation Office).

2nd Floor windows are constructed differently than 3rd Floor. 2nd Floor windows are constructed as a Variation 6 Construction. Variation 6means the windows are constructed with Square Head construction on the interior side of the building but have a radius look on the exterior of the building. Please notice the frames have a square head.

3rd Floor Windows are constructed as tru-half round construction. The windows also included tru-divided lited (2 over 2). Please notice the frames on these windows have a radius head.