Fixed-Top Combination Plus Storm/Screen Window


  • Each Fixed-Top Combo Plus storm/screen is provided with screen and glass removable inserts for the bottom panel
  • All glass is clear annealed window glass set in a rolled aluminum channel with a vinyl glazing strip and pile weather strip
  • The top of the Fixed-Top Combo Plus is putty glazed annealed glass
  • All wood is clear pine — no finger joints


  • Factory priming
  • Preservative treat to AWI specifications for long life
  • Segment head (curved), half round top, rounded corners
  • Custom sizes and shapes (curved, half round top, rounded corners)
  • Custom glass (Restoration glass, Low E glass, etc.)
  • Various woods available (Mahogany, etc.)
  • Storms/screens are manufactured 1-1/8″ thick
  • Top Rail and Stiles: 2-1/8″ wide
  • Bottom Rail: 3-1/2″ wide
  • Storm Cross Bar: 2-1/8″ wide



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Fixed Top Combination/Fixed Top Combination Plus