Louvered Shutters


  • Constructed of Western Red Cedar
  • Traditional louver design
  • Customization of shutters available
  • Factory priming
  • Fixed louvers, false tilting louvers, and tilting louvers
  • Combination designs with louvers and raised panels
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Solid copper capping
  • Shutters are manufactured 1-1/8″ thick(Standard) or 1-3/8″ thick(Ultra Duty)
  • Side stiles are 2″ wide
  • Louver size: 1-7/8″ wide,  2-1/2″ wide,  3-1/2″ wide
  • Panels are 5/8″ thick, raised on one side and flat on the other side
  • Cross Rails: top and bottom rail are 3-1/2″, mid-rail is 3″
  • Flush or inner stile bead construction



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