Weight & Pulley – the Chateau Window


  • Perfect solution for historical renovations
  • Smooth operation in windows with large openings
  • Energy efficient double pane insulated glass


  • Different glass configurations with single pane, historic-looking glass, insulated with low-E
  • Tru-divided lites or simulated divided lites
  • Different shapes – half round, curved top, arch top, etc.
  • Fabricated from Mahogany but a substitute species can be used
  • Removable, 1-1/8″ thick, half- or full screens in Mahogany with black aluminum screen. Bronze screen is available.
  • Virtually any hardware, from custom pulleys to sash locks and lifts, are available.
  • Several typical brickmould profiles to choose from or a custom profile may be produced to match existing profiles of the building.
  • Brickmould to be shipped loose in rough lengths for field installation or can be shop applied.
  • Custom sash sticking and muntins
  • All sash members to be either 1-¾” or 2-1/4″ thick and constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joinery
  • Tru-Divided Lite (TDL) – minimum thickness 1-3/8″ wide
  • Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)– 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″
  • Glass to be ½” thick for 1-3/8″ & 1-3/4″ thick sash or 1″ thick glass for 2-1/4″ thick sash
  • Frame (jamb) members to be 7/8″ thick and sill to have a minimum thickness of 1-1/2″ plus a water-break step.
  • All jamb members are to be constructed with rabbited or dadoed joints; caulked as necessary and secured with stainless steel screws
  • We offer several typical profiles of sash stop that shall be installed with non-ferrous fasteners or with sash stop adjusters to allow for easy adjustment or removal of lower sash (custom sash stop profiles are available)
  • Sash pulleys are offered in several different finishes (custom pulleys are available at additional cost)
  • All sash weights shall be supplied in either cast iron or cut-steel bar depending on availability; weights shall be sized for smooth, easy operation
  • Sash cord to be braided nylon for quiet operation (sash chain is also available)
  • Each window unit supplied with sash locks and sash pulls
  • Each window unit shall be weather-stripped with 9 gauge rolled bronze integral weatherstrip at side jambs and with Schlegel Q-lon kerf installed weather stripping at head, meeting and bottom rail



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